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The nose is spicey and floral it evokes the taste of rice powder. A mouth that is marked with fruity notes such as litchis, exotic fruits, very fresh, just like the final taste, fresh, long and spicey.

The non aged version at 30°

泡盛一般酒 与那国 崎元酒造(沖縄県)
70cl - alc. 30% vol.

About the distillery : The Sakimoto Shuzo distillery is located on the small island of Yonaguni, certainly the most remote place of the main Japanese islands. It is 2,000 km southwest of Tokyo and only 100 km from Taiwan. In the past, Yonaguni was, together with the surrounding islands, an integral part of the Ryukyu Kingdom, a micro-archipelago that made the junction between Japan and the Chinese continent, an area then very active commercially. The producer, M Sakimoto, is one of the 1300 inhabitants of this 26 km² piece of land, and one of the last three distillers of the island. Since 1927, Sakimoto Shuzo has been producing remarkable awomori by following an ancestral production process that notably uses stills unique to the island, with direct heating. It is also one of the last producers of Hanazake, a very special version of awamori, a 60% drink used during funeral ceremonies and whose production is authorized on site as a derogation.

Detailed tasting notes : The first representative of the Sakimoto Shuzo distillery, a classic version, not aged, at 30°. We find the general features of Okinawa distilled, that is a rustic character and a good aromatic power. With Yonaguni Ipanshu, however, there is a delicacy not common to this category of products: the nose is both spicy and floral, it evokes rice powder and exotic fruits. Notes of citrus and fruit predominate in the mouth, litchi, exotic fruits. Freshness that evolves on more complex spicy and peppery notes.

Tasting tips : To discover as is or with ice, lying down with a little cool water if necessary. Thirty degrees of alcohol is a rather unusual level for a meal drink, but it is quite classic in Okinawa where Yonaguni Ipanshu is chosen to accompany grilled marbled meats like traditional black pork, fatty fish, tuna, bonito, swordfish.

Sakimoto Shuzo (Okinawa)
N1-01 (138)

Data sheet

Product Type
Alc. 30% Vol.
70cl bottle
Sakimoto Shuzo
Pref. of Okinawa
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
Long Thaï rice

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Okinawa Yonaguni Ippanshu 70cl awamori bottle


midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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