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This sake from the Kinoshita brewery in Kyoto prefecture is a Ginjo, unpasteurized, unfiltered and undiluted. We recommend drinking it on the rocks to fully appreciate its freshness.

Smooth and fresh. Rice, vanilla, cereals

50cl - alc. 17% vol.

About the product : This sake, with its bold English name, is produced by master brewer Philip Harper. It doesn't just break the ice between people, but has been specially designed to be drunk on the rocks.

Serving suggestions : This refreshing sake, offering sweet notes of rice, vanilla and cereals, is best enjoyed with delicate dishes. Light sushi, fresh salads, steamed fish dishes and mild cheeses are all choices that complement the subtle freshness of this sake. For the ultimate experience, enjoy it over ice.

G3-09 (806)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Ginjo Nigori Nama Happo
Alc. 17% Vol.
50cl bottle
Pref. of Kyoto
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Aromatic profile
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