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Musubi is a mild, light sake with a low alcohol content. This sake gradually reveals flavors of apple, green grape and wild yeast.

Flavors of apple, grape and wild yeast

72cl - Alc. 12% vol.

About the brewery : Kinoshita Shuzo was founded in 1842 in Kumihama commune, Kyoto prefecture, where they have been producing sake ever since. The brand name, Tamagawa, can be translated as "Jewel River" and is said to derive from the Kawakamidani River, which flows near the brewery. The character 川 (kawa or gawa in compound words) is an ideogram showing the flow of a river, which is what it means. Tama (玉) means an orb or jewel, and by extension expresses the idea of precious beauty. The name is thought to reflect their ancestors' respect for rivers and water in the Shinto tradition.

Serving suggestions : Yanwari 2017 can be enjoyed cold, at room temperature or even warm. We even recommend the latter, to discover the full depth of its flavors.

Terada Honke (Chiba)
G2-06 (599)

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Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Alc. 12% Vol.
72cl bottle
Terada Honke
Préf. de Chiba
Tasting temp.
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Musubi Japanese sake bottle 72cl

Musubi Reviews with
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