Rihaku Junmaï Ginjo
Rihaku Junmaï Ginjo

Rihaku Junmaï Ginjo

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Long finish with subtle notes of fruits and a nice minerality. Rihaku Shuzo brewery uses the excellent Yamadanishiki sake rice for its production, already a sign of quality. A sake to be tasted 8°C or at room temperature.

A fresh and sharp sake

李白 純米吟醸 李白酒造(島根県)
72cl - alc. 15.2% vol.

About the brewery : Rihaku Shuzo was founded in 1882 in the town of Matsue, Shimane Prefecture It was not until 1928 that the name Rihaku was adopted. Rihaku was a famous poet in China, he is also known in English as Li Po. He lived from 701 to 762 and was known for his penchant for the bottle. He was a kind, open-minded, wandering poet who was known to drink a lot before writing, including one of his famous phrases: "I drink a bottle and I can write 100 poems." The brewery brews about 3000 koku each year. Relatively small volumes that keep intact the qualities of Rihaku sake, a sweet and well balanced sake with a nice persistence and good umami.

Rihaku (Shimane)
H5-07 (44)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Ginjo
Alc. 15.2% Vol.
72cl bottle
Rihaku Shuzo
Pref. of Shimane
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
Aromatic profile
Mineral, vivid

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr

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Rihaku Junmaï Ginjo

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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