Azumacho Junmai 50cl
Azumacho Junmai 50cl

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With this entry-level Junmaï sake, Setou Shuzo gives us a nice overview of its savoir-faire. A pleasant, typical and well-balanced junmaï. Rich and frank notes of rice and cereal. A clean sake and a nice kirei finish.

Very well balanced, a junmaï in search of the "clean umami"

東長純米吟醸 瀬頭酒造(佐賀県) 
72cl -alc. 16% vol.

About the brewery : The Setou Shuzo brewery was founded under the name Maruhei Masamune in 1789 by Tajibei Setou. He set up his factory in Shiotacho, in Saga Prefecture. It was from 1920 onwards that one of their sakes became ultra-famous in the region, Azumacho sake, named by the Japanese Prime Minister of the time himself, Mr Takashi Hara! In 1929, Azumacho became the official sake supplier to the Imperial Household of Emperor Showa. Setou Shuzo's sakes are ultra-pure and above all very rich, with a Kasubuaï, the percentage of Kasu remaining after filtration, that is really high. A point that the brewery never fails to emphasise.

Serving suggestions : Serve as an aperitif or with a meal. Easy to combine with a wide range of dishes, including izakaya-style dishes. Enjoy at different temperatures, from chilled to room temperature.

Setou Shouzo (Saga)
C5-02 (609)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Alc. 16% Vol.
50cl bottle
Setou Shuzo
Pref. of Saga
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
Aromatic profile
Mineral, vivid Reviews with
Azumacho Junmai Japanese sake bottle 50cl

Azumacho Junmai 50cl Reviews with
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