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Shippo Honmirin

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A traditional mirin, with no additives, unsterilised and aged for a long time. Woody, undergrowth, cocoa, vanilla, dried apricot and honey aromas. It also evokes blond sugar syrup, vanilla and caramel. It's almost like an old dark rum.

For cooking, but also for tasting !

七宝本みりん 米田酒造(島根県)
72cl - alc. 12.5% vol.

About the brewery : The history of Yoneda Shuzo officially began in Meiji 29 (1896) in the Matsue region of Shimane Prefecture. The particular geography of the region has earned it the nickname of "Mizunomiyako", the city of water. It is bordered by the sea to the north, Lake Shinjiko to the west and Lake Nakaumi to the east, while to the north and south lie the Kitayama Sanchi and Chugoku Sanchi mountains. Matsue thus boasts a wealth of natural resources, combined with a rich history of political events, trade and cultural contributions. Over the centuries, this has given rise to a unique and sophisticated culinary tradition, of which Yoneda Shuzo's brewery is an integral part. The products we have selected are closely linked to this rich culture : a unique cooking sake and an exceptional Mirin. Honmirin is made from a base of Kastori shochu, distilled from the lees of sake brewed in-house. It is saccharified for around four months after preparation and matured for at least a year after pressing to develop its flavour. It is bottled in its raw state, without heat treatment, to preserve its natural flavour. Honmirin is rich in flavour and retains its delicious taste even after the food has cooled. Mirin is delicious even when eaten as is.

Detailed tasting notes : This traditional mirin, which is entirely home-made, additive-free and unsterilised, has been aged for a long time. It has a syrupy consistency and an amber colour, with surprising aromas of wood, undergrowth, cocoa, vanilla, dried apricot and honey. The palate is unctuous, with hints of blond sugar syrup, vanilla and caramel. Almost hints of old dark rum.

Delicious with : Meat dishes with character, such as game, offal or stews. Its natural sweetness makes it perfect as a condiment for pan-fried fruit.

Yoneda Shuzo (Shimane)
F5-01 (663)

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Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Alc. 12.5% Vol.
72cl bottle
Yoneda Shuzo
Pref. of Shimane
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Shippo Honmirin Japanese mirin bottle 72cl

Shippo Honmirin Reviews with
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