Konotori White Label
Konotori White Label

Konotori White Label

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A great sweet and elegant sake, of a unique purity, fine, exquisite. Matured 3 years at -5C, the time to get rounder and beautifully coats a rather rustic base.

The spearhead of the Chikusen series

72 cl - alc. 15% Vol.

About the brewery : Tajime Shuzo is a Japanese sake brewery established in 1895 in Yamagata prefecture. It combines tradition and modernity to produce high-quality sake. The brewery places great emphasis on the meticulous selection of rice and water, which are essential to the brewing process. Their sakes offer a wide range of tastes and aromas, from classics to innovations. Tajime Shuzo is renowned for its commitment to quality and its reputation among sake connoisseurs.

Detailed tasting notes : This sake features fruity aromas of green banana and white cherry.

Serving suggestions : This versatile sake can be enjoyed both hot and cold, with a temperature range of up to 60°C. It is particularly appreciated as an aperitif or with seafood. For an optimal taste experience, we recommend tasting it with dishes such as oysters or a ginger-spiked soup.

H6-01 (667)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Daïginjo
Alc. 15% Vol.
72cl bottle
Tajime Shuzo
Pref. of Hyogo
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Cold to hot
Aromatic profile
Refreshing, floral

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Bottle of Japanese sake Konotori White Label Junmai Daiginjo 72cl

Konotori White Label

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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