Six sake ideas for Valentine's Day

The headache of finding an original idea for Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Would you like to break away from the classic "flowers - jewelry - perfume" trio? We thought these few suggestions around sake might bring a little originality, fit in better with your interests, and above all give you an opportunity to share them.

2 glasses of sake on a pink background decorated with hearts

So here are six ideas around sake. Three bottles on the theme of flowers and three others from our finest vintages. Enough to make this moment unforgettable !

Sake and flowers

Three sakes to share, to surprise and celebrate (...and note that there's nothing to stop you offering real flowers !).


orange sake bottle with pink label and Hanakobo

The Raifuku brewery is based in Ibaraki, north of Tokyo. The brewery's magnificent natural environment has led it to specialize in the use of yeasts from flowers called Hanakobo. Raifuku Yamadanishiki sake is made from Yamadanishiki rice and yeast from the Epiphyllum flower, otherwise known as the "night beauty". A floral, lively and delicate sake.


Strawberry flowers and blue sake bottle with pink label

The Amabuki brewery in Saga also specializes in flower-based yeasts. Here, yeast extracted from strawberry flowers is used. This is a lightly-colored sake, with a fresh, fruity nose. The palate evolves towards fruity flavors of apricot and apple, giving way to a long finish full of freshness and purity.


bottle of orange sake with red label and Suzu azalea flower

The symbolism of this special cuvée owes its name to the famous azalea that blooms in Suzu, the town where Sogen Shuzojo's brewery is located. The elegant packaging perfectly conveys the romanticism and passion evoked by the red hues of the petals. Sogen Azalea is a dry yet light sake, expressing the magnificent aromas of Japanese apricot Yamamomo, underpinned by deep notes of coffee and walnut.

A memorable evening around an exceptional cuvée

Let's take the experience to the next level with this selection of three sakes in the exceptional cuvée category. Open something rare, and embark on an unforgettable tasting experience for two!

elegantly laid table


green and black bottle of sparkling sake with gold lettering

Hoshinokagayaki is an exceptional sparkling sake that embodies elegance and vivacity. The refined expression of Ginjo aromas unfolds in a symphony of exquisite floral notes. The lively bubbles play a subtle revealing role, allowing the flavors to unfold with remarkable precision.


elegant Japanese sake bottle with magnificent label depicting twilight

The elegant pale yellow color of this Daïginjo already evokes the elegance of this nectar. It opens with subtle, light, fresh notes, then unfurls with suppleness and fluidity towards greater power, in perfect balance. Straightforwardness and elegance characterize the perfectly mastered fruit aromas, a veritable symphony of taste. The clean, precise finish brings this unforgettable sensory experience to a perfect close.


classy green sake bottle with red ribbon

Kameizumi Shuzo's elite. Still using local Kochi yeast, CEL-19, this time combined with Kumamoto's KA-1. An exceptional cuvée : the nose is fruity, elegant, with notes of apple. On the palate, fine acidity and perfect balance. A beautiful sake, discreet, supple and clean.

We hope you've discovered some original ideas for your Valentine's Day dinner. Perhaps you're already on the way to finding a bottle to suit your tastes. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll be delighted to guide you !