Midorinoshima is a French company specialising from the outset in the import, promotion and distribution of top-of-the-range Japanese sakes and spirits. Founded by Arisa Suda and Jean Jacques Bacci, the idea matured in 2005 in New York, when Arisa was marketing manager of an IT company and Jean Jacques was a neuroscience researcher at Columbia University. It was their love of good things, a clear taste for excellence and a sense of sharing that brought them together on this project. Very early on, their eyes were drawn to the products of craft breweries and distilleries, heirs to centuries of tradition and know-how and guarantors of quality. It was throughout Japan, in the heart of these houses, that the selection was made to build up an original, high-quality and coherent offer, bringing together classic sakés and spirits, as well as confidential and rare products.

Jean Jacques Bacci and Arisa Suda Midorinoshima

At a time when East and West meet on our tables, these age-old beverages are gradually becoming part of our drinking habits. You can be sure of receiving the best possible guidance. As pioneers in this field, with seventeen years' experience in the field, and as Sake Educators for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, we will put all our expertise at your disposal.

We import and store under optimum conditions to guarantee the best possible preservation of our products. We choose our logistics partners from among the most advanced in the field of wine, sake and spirits, from the transportation of our products to delivery to your door. Since 2012, the establishment of our branch in Japan has enabled us to be highly responsive on the export market. Although France is now our home base, all or part of our selection is now present in the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia.

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