Nigori Anzushu
Nigori Anzushu

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Yet there is much alcohol in the liquor! With this low filtration, this liqueur keeps all the characteristics of the fruit and it really feels like biting into a fresh apricot.

Gourmand, jammy, it evokes the flavours of fruit nectar

にごり杏子酒 麻原酒造(埼玉県)
50cl . alc. 12.5% vol.

About the brewery : Asahara Shuzo is a family brewery located in Saitama Prefecture, in the heart of the hills that precede the Chichibu Mountains, northwest of Tokyo. It was founded in 1882 by Zenjiro Asahara when he was only 29 years old and today it is Kenichi Asahara, the representative of the 5th generation, who runs the factory.  The locality of Saïtama is a relatively new terroir in sake production that does not enjoy the same reputation as some more classic regions. A recent story that prompted Asahara Shuzo to innovate a lot to attract attention. Today it offers products with a strong character, worn by two very young Toji of only thirty years. Dynamic brewers trained directly by Kenichi Asahara, a master in the art of yeast handling.

Detailed tasting notes : Japanese apricots, like other varieties found in Europe, are native to China. It quickly established itself in Japan where it has been cultivated for centuries for ornament, but also for its fruits. Apricots are enjoyed in different ways, dried, cooked, candied, and liqueur. This Nigori anzushu is marked by fruit, with sometimes surprising notes of apple and pear. Jammed, it gives the sweet feeling of tasting a nectar of freshly squeezed fruit.

Tasting tips : Classic, fresh, as an aperitif, or dessert. In a long drink, lie down with a soda or sparkling water. Enjoy with dried fruit, dark chocolate. Like other nigori, anzushu is an excellent base of cocktails, with pisco.

Asahara Shuzo (Saïtama)
I2-03 (112)

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Product Type
Alc. 12.5% Vol.
50cl bottle
Asahara Shuzo
Pref. of Saïtama
Tasting temp.
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Nigori Anzunshu Japanese Apricot Liquor Bottle 50cl

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