Pack of 5 medium/large Binchotan coals (-2€ )
Pack of 5 medium/large Binchotan coals (-2€ )

Pack of 5 medium/large Binchotan coals (-2€ ) Reviews with
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The best quality binchotans. They are made in Japan, in the Wakayama and Kochi Prefectures, from Umamegashi (green oak) wood. Size : L. 9 to 10cm - Diam. 1.5 to 2cm.

Vegetable charcoal made in Japan from oak wood
Production site: Wakayama or Kochi Prefecture

Origin of binchotan coals and certification
There is a stamp certifying the origin of binchotan coals. It is the Prefecture of Wakayama that has embarked on this recognition process. Coals produced in this region carry a stamp such as this one :

The charcoal in our possession comes either from Wakayama, in which case it bears the stamp, or from the neighbouring prefecture of Kochi (and more precisely from the locality of Tosa). This region is located on the island of Shikoku opposite Wakayama, and charcoal has been produced there for at least as long, using exactly the same technique and the same wood as in Wakayama prefecture, Ubamegashi holm oak. The prefecture of Kochi has not chosen to register their production in any kind of recognition process and therefore has no specific stamp.

Place 2 sticks per litre in the tea water or in a carafe and leave for a few hours. We recommend that you keep two carafes on hand at all times to avoid any questions of "action time".

Duration of use
This may vary depending on your water consumption and its characteristics. Allow about 3 months and change the Binchotan when the water regains its original taste.

Origin Japan
The binchotan coals offered on our site come from Japan: Wakayama, Kochi on the island of Shikoku, and Miyazaki in Kyushu. They are recognised as the best coals in Japan, and are largely equivalent in quality. Some are known as Kishu Binchotan (for Wakayama), and Tosa Binchotan (for Kochi).

Size and shape
Binchotan are handcrafted products made from a natural material, wood. Their size and shape can therefore vary, and each stick is unique. We select and divide the Binchotan evenly into 3 categories : fine, medium and large. Please consult the size characteristics for each before making your choice.

Two options are available when choosing the product, at no extra charge :
- "Unwrapped" : Binchotans are simply wrapped in brown food paper,
- "With packaging" : they are individually wrapped in thicker, sealed white food paper.

Binchotan coals are sent by Tracked Letter. A postal service consisting of envelopes delivered directly to your letterbox. You will receive your Binchotan coals in the same way as an ordinary letter, but with the option of tracking their progress.

PLEASE NOTE : For items sent by recorded delivery, your letterbox must be standardised, i.e. able to accommodate the envelope formats defined by the post office. It must close securely and its contents must not be visible from the outside. Any shipment announced as "delivered" on the postal tracking service will be considered as delivered and will not be eligible for a refund or a new shipment of goods.
If your letterbox is not standardised, we recommend that you choose a Colissimo delivery service.

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Set of 5 medium/large binchotan coals with and without packaging

Pack of 5 medium/large Binchotan coals (-2€ ) Reviews with
Tax Included