Minami Junmaï Ginjo
Minami Junmaï Ginjo

Minami Junmaï Ginjo

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A Junmai Ginjo sake produced using the famous CEL yeast developed in Kochi. A brightly flavoured Ginjo with a nice acidity that balances the fruit. A fruity yet dry sake sensation with a crisp finish.

The impeccable style of Tosa sakes

南 純米吟醸 南酒造場(高知県)
72cl - alc. 17% vol.

Detailled tasting notes : Slightly amber, with very light yellow-green reflections. The nose is delicate, fruity, with white-fleshed fruit, citrus and lemon. Powdery, it expresses light notes of honey. One senses a nice acidity on a nose that is not very pronounced for a sake of the Ginjo category. On the palate, the attack is supple, soft and fruity. Spicy notes give the whole a dryer and straighter feel, to arrive at a clear, spring water, dry sake sensation. The finish is long, with a nice persistence of bitters. In conclusion: a Junmaï Ginjo rather backward on the fruity sensations, but very interesting for its dry, straight and clean side.

Suggested pairings : Magnificent on oysters, but also on all seafood, razor clams, scallops, etc... The fact that it is dry makes it a good companion for grilled white meats, small Japanese yakitori brochettes.

Minami Shuzojo (Kochi)
C5-04 (741)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Ginjo
Alc. 17% Vol.
72cl bottle
Pref. of Kochi
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Aromatic profile
Refreshing, floral

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Bottle of Japanese sake Minami Junmai Ginjo 72cl

Minami Junmaï Ginjo

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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