Kameman Umeshu
Kameman Umeshu

Kameman Umeshu

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Kameman, known for its sake from aïgamo-grown rice, provides us a very nice umeshu, on a sake base of course. An amber color with red-orange glints, a nice sweetness, with a good acidity. To enjoy fresh, for aperitif or at the end of meal, but also on selected food pairings.

The umeshu from Kameman Shuzo

亀萬梅酒 亀萬酒造(熊本県)
50cl . alc. 14% vol.

About the brewery : The Kameman Shuzo family brewery is a relatively recent venture, having only been founded in 1916 by Chinju Takeda, a young doctor and heir to a long dynasty of doctors in the Kumamoto region. The decision to create the brewery was the result of a rather bizarre set of circumstances. In fact, in this rural area, it was common practice for local farmers to pay in bags of rice, including for their medical consultations. So, every year, Dr Takeda saw the bags accumulate over the months without being able to consume them all. It was for this reason that he decided to set up the brewery, to transform the rice he received into sake! However, there was another difficulty : Kumamoto prefecture is located in the extreme south-west of Japan. This is a temperate and sunny area, a climate that is not very conducive to making sake, which is traditionally done in the north of the country. Work on the yeasts was essential, and Dr Takeda's scientific knowledge was decisive in developing ferments capable of working in these latitudes. The gamble paid off, and Kameman Shuzo can now pride itself on being the southernmost sake brewery in Japan. It continues to work on the same basis as those developed by Dr Takeda in 1916, using only local rice and without refrigeration of the vats !

Serving suggestions : As an aperitif, chilled, or with dessert. As an after-dinner drink for a fresh, fruity finish.

Kameman Shuzo (Kumamoto)
I2-08 (658)

Data sheet

Product Type
Alc. 14% Vol.
50cl bottle
Kameman Shuzo
Préf. de Kumamoto
Tasting temp.

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Kameman Umeshu Japanese plum liqueur bottle 50cl

Kameman Umeshu

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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