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Kumagawa Genmai Shochu
Kumagawa Genmai Shochu

Kumagawa Genmai Shochu

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Yamatoichi Shuzomoto's latest shochu, created from natural yeast left behind by the Kuma River from the 2020 floods.

Produced from brown rice and yellow koji

72cl - Alc. 25% vol.

About the distillery : Since the Meiji era, micro-organisms such as yeast, koji mold and lactic acid bacteria have lived on brewery walls and ceilings for generations, shaping the taste of shochu. In 2020, these were washed away by the rising waters of the Kuma River, and the century-old stone koji chamber was also destroyed. The situation was so desperate that it was impossible to imagine that shochu could ever be made here again. However, some of the new micro-organisms brought by the Kuma River are likely to take hold in the form of stored yeast. The distillery therefore decided to create a new shochu with this natural yeast (Kumagawa Yeast) and use it as a springboard to get back on its feet. The resulting shochu has the aroma of brown rice, a sweetness and taste that makes you feel the nature of the Kuma River.

Detailed tasting notes : The aroma and sweetness of brown rice are pleasant. This sensation develops gradually in the mouth, with an elegant, refreshing taste.

Serving suggestions : Enjoy as is, on the rocks, or even better, as oyuwari, with hot water.

Yamatoichi Shuzomoto (Kumamoto)
M2-08 (865)

Data sheet

Product Type
Kome (rice)
Alc. 25% Vol.
72cl bottle
Yamatoichi Shuzomoto
Rice type
brown rice, brown rice malt, yellow Koji

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Kumagawa Genmai Shochu 72cl Japanese sake bottle

Kumagawa Genmai Shochu

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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