3S 2019 Yanagita Mizunara
3S 2019 Yanagita Mizunara

3S 2019 Yanagita Mizunara

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Yanagita Mizunara 2019 is part of the 3S collection, and is a shochu distilled from barley and rice. It is matured for 2 years in Mizunara casks. This method gives it the smoothness, balance and roundness you're looking for in an exceptional whisky, accompanied by a sublime flavour of apple and banana.

Intense and elegant

70cl - Alc. 41% Vol.

About the distillery : Yanagita is the oldest distillery in Miyakonojo. It was founded in 1902 and is located on the outskirts of Miyazaki. The distillery had already made a name for itself in 2005 by signing agreements with local, committed producers for the cultivation of traditional barley (the 'Miyazaki Hadaka' variety, which has all but disappeared from the region, for example) or sweet potatoes of the 'kogane sengan' variety, which are left to mature to bring out their full flavour. On 6 April 2009, the distillery was transformed and restructured, and everything was put in place to streamline production.

About the brand : The 3S brand (Super Shochu Spirits) offers a collection of premium shochu. It works with a selection of distillers (including the Yanagita distillery), all of whom are true craftsmen of shochu production. Heirs to the knowledge and philosophy of a prestigious lineage before them, they are constantly developing and honing their skills to challenge the next generation. Together with the Yanagita distillery, 3S has bottled Mizunara shochu 2019 under its own label.

About Mizunara 2019 shochu : This is a shochu aged in a Hokkaido quercus crispula oak cask (or also known as a 'Mizunara'). It has an amber oak colour, brings sweetness, lʼéquilibre and the roundness of a whisky, with a sublime flavour of apple and banana. The barley variety is "Nijo Omugi" from Kyushu. The shochu moromi is brewed at low temperature, distilled under pressure and then aged in "Mizunara" oak casks. This oak gives the shochu a completely different flavour from French or American oak. It is also much appreciated by distillate enthusiasts around the world, and has been described as "Japanese-style wood".

3S, Super Shochu Spirits (Osaka)
M3-7 (813)

Data sheet

Product Type
Kome (rice)
Alc. 41% Vol.
70cl bottle
Pref. of Miyazaki

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr

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3S 2019 Yanagita Mizunara

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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