Fuji Nishiki Shuzo

We have two beautiful new releases to present to you, two Junmai that are off the beaten track, sakes that bring together all the elements that characterise Junmai: acidity, umami, light sweetness, cereal notes... with the difference, if we want to compare them to more aromatic sakes, that these nuances are expressed with an unwavering sharpness, an uncompromising purity. A style that we have particularly appreciated this season, as it takes us to a new dimension of refreshing sakes, perfect for accompanying sashimi, shellfish or other fresh summer dishes.

Le plateau d'Asagiri avec le Mont Fuji en arrière plan
The Asagiri plateau with Mount Fuji in the background

Fuji-Nishiki Shuzo Brewery was founded in 1688 in Fujinomiya, on the edge of the Asagiri Plateau at the southwestern base of Mount Fuji. This town in the north of Shizuoka Prefecture is known throughout Japan not only for its breathtaking views, but also for its grazing lands and the many dairy farms located nearby. It is in this setting that the 18th generation of brewers perpetuate the style and know-how acquired over 300 years of existence

le propriétaire de Fuji Nishiki Shuzo

Fuji Nishiki's sakes are pure Shizuoka juice and even more so because, a rare occurrence today, the brewery grows its own rice on its surrounding properties: Homarefuji. It is close to Yamadanishiki, a rice with a large grain that allows for a high degree of polish..

rizières au pieds du Mont Fuji - La brasserie de Fuji Nishiki cultive son propre riz
The yeasts used are also native to Shizuoka. They give Fuji-Nishiku Shuzo sakes an incredibly fresh nose. Finally, the spring water drawn from a depth of 30m comes from Mount Fuji.


72cl - Alc. 16.5% Vol.

The nose is relatively marked, with cereal and lactic notes, and citrus notes, particularly lemon. In the mouth, the attack is supple and soft. It quickly becomes lively, iodized and spicy, then carried towards the bitters. The whole on a great freshness.

Bouteille de saké japonais Fuji Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai

72cl - Alc. 15.5% Vol.

Bouteille de saké japonais Fuji Nishiki Bue label
The nose is round, rather rich for a Junmai, slightly vegetal and marked by lactic notes of yoghurt, cereal and citrus. The palate is clean and straightforward. The acidity and sweetness are in harmony with each other in a beautiful balance and with the purity that characterises the house's sakes.