Shuho Soden Legend
Shuho Soden Legend

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A fruity nose, with apple and melon notes. Beautifully structured on the palate, with lots of umami, nice sweetness and power of fruits. A net sake that leaves a clean palate. The finish is clear, punctuated by spices and a slight bitterness. A very nice balance between sweetness and acidity.

Shuho Soden Legend, a concentrate of know-how

秀鳳 大吟醸総伝 秀鳳酒造場(山形県)
72cl - Alc. 17% Vol.

About the brewery : Yamagata Prefecture is considered to be the "Kingdom of Sake", as it is home to a number of leading Kura. Shuho Shuzojo is one of the region's rising stars, and although the brewery dates back to 1890, it has recently made a name for itself for the quality of its sake, both among its peers and in competitions.

Detailed tasting notes : Shuho Shujozo's brewery has pulled out all the stops to produce this magnificent competition sake. Production in micro batches and 72 hours of continuous polishing, carried out directly at the brewery to achieve a level of 35%. Slow fermentation and ultra-careful maturation for their finest cuvée. A fruity nose of apple and melon. On the palate, it's beautifully smooth and powerful on the fruit. A clean sake that leaves the palate ultra-fresh. The finish is clear, punctuated by spices and a slight bitterness. A fine balance between sweetness and acidity for this house legend.

Serving suggestions : A sake to be enjoyed on the finest of occasions, either neat or as an accompaniment to the most refined dishes.

Shuho Shuzojo (Yamagata)
J2-04 (454)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Alc. 17% Vol.
72cl bottle
Shuho Shuzojo
Pref. of Yamagata
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
Aromatic profile
Expressive, fruity Reviews with
Japanese sake bottle Shuho Soden Legend Junmai Daiginjo 72cl

Shuho Soden Legend Reviews with
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