Sakura Kirakira
Sakura Kirakira

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Supported by a long tradition of cherry trees. First for the ornamental effect of its flower, yet also used for culinary purposes. The flowers used come from the mountains of Yoshino, the most famous of the Sakura regions in Japan.

An incredibly light liqueur

さくらキラキラ 北岡本店(奈良県)
50cl - alc. 12.5% vol.

About the brewery : Kitaoka Honten brewery is located in the town of Yoshino, south of Nara, the first capital of Japan in the 8th century at the eastern end of the Silk Road. From a historical and spiritual point of view, this mountainous area is certainly one of the richest places in the country; it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for countless temples and places of pilgrimage, for the summer residence the emperor and the remarkable natural sites that it abounds. The Kitaoka Honten brewery started in 1868, but is based on a family history that spans seven generations. A line of producers of soy sauce, oil and sake that lives its destiny transformed under the impulse of one of its sons, Sojuro.

Detailed tasting notes : Elaborated by the Kitaoka Honten distillery in Nara, the Kirakira liqueur is based on a long tradition of growing cherry as an ornamental flower, but also as a basis for culinary preparations. The flowers used in the preparation of Sakura Kirakira come from the mountain of Yoshino, immensely famous in Japan for its cherry trees. The flowers are infused and it is from this preparation that a drink of incredible delicacy is made. Light notes of flower, leaves, herbs, animate the tasting, on a soft and delicate background.

Tasting tips : We find delicate notes of cherry blossom, rose, fruit, strawberry, cherry, pineapple, and more herbaceous notes of stems and wet leaves. Kirakira is to be discovered as is, on ice or lying with soda. It is also interesting in the preparation of gin-based cocktails.

Kitaoka Honten (Nara)
I2-05 (115)

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Product Type
Cherry flowers
Alc. 12% Vol.
50cl bottle
Kitaoka Honten
Pref. of Nara
Tasting temp.
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Sakura Kirakira 50cl Japanese Cherry Blossom Liqueur Bottle

Sakura Kirakira Reviews with
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