Sakurao Gin
Sakurao Gin

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A gin composed of 9 botanical elements including cherry blossoms. The plants are gently infused to extract the finest aromas, then distilled into small batches. The nose is bright, on citrus fruits, juniper berries. The mouth is fresh on ginger and spices. The finish is long, suave, with notes of orange zest.

Fine and suave

50cl - alc. 47% vol.

About the distillery : At the origin of this very original project is the Chugoku Jozo, a shochu distillery, everything there is more traditional, in the region of Hiroshima, in the city of Sakurao in Hatsukaichi more precisely. It is in the idea of being part of the production of distilled Western traditions that was created, in 2018, this brand new craft distillery. A new unit, but which has the chance to rely on a century-old history of expertise and mastery of distillation techniques. Enough to make very beautiful things.

Sakurao Distillery (Hiroshima)
L3-06 (676)

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Product Type
Alc. 47% Vol.
50cl bottle
Komasa Jyozo
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Bottle of Sakurao Gin 70cl

Sakurao Gin Reviews with
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