Shuho +20 Ginjo Chokarakuchi
Shuho +20 Ginjo Chokarakuchi

Shuho +20 Ginjo Chokarakuchi Reviews with
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Shuho is clearly different from the other sake of the Ginjo category: beyond the beautiful fruity sensations of green melon and muscatel grapes, the floral notes, Shuho is a very mineral and incredibly precise sake. A very dry sake with a Nihonshudo of +20 !

Fruity and dry at once, a unique Ginjo

秀鳳 純米大吟醸超辛口 秀鳳酒造場(山形県)
72cl - Alc. 16% Vol.

About the brewery : Yamagata Prefecture is considered the "Kingdom of Sake", as it is home to a number of leading Kura. Shuho Shuzojo is one of the region's rising stars, and even though her establishment dates back to 1890, she has recently distinguished herself by the quality of her sakes, both among her peers and in competitions.

Detailed tasting notes : A Junmaï Daïginjo Genshu with a lively and crystalline nose, with aromas of green melon, muscat and white flowers. Juicy in the mouth, refreshing, we find these fruity sensations punctuated by fine notes of citrus zest. These elegant characteristics, classically associated with the category of Daïginjo, are generally accompanied by a marked sweetness. And it is precisely on this point that Shuho differs completely from the sake of its rank. Beyond the fruity sensations, we have an incredibly precise and dry sake, with a Nihonshudo of +10! Obtaining such a sake is a technical feat that elevates Shuho to the rank of unique products in the Daïginjo universe.

Tasting advice : It is easily associated with many culinary preparations. It accompanies the entire length of the meal, without tiring, and brings a lot of freshness.

Shuho Shuzojo (Yamagata)
A3-06 (814)

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Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Alc. 16% Vol.
72cl bottle
Shuho Shuzojo
Pref. of Yamagata
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Aromatic profile
Mineral, vivid Reviews with
Japanese sake Shuho +20 Junmaï Ginjo Chokarakuchi 72cl

Shuho +20 Ginjo Chokarakuchi Reviews with
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