Raifuku Choseimai
Raifuku Choseimai

Raifuku Choseimai

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A sake produced from "super polished" rice, at a rate of only 8%! 120 hours of polishing are needed to achieve this level from a locally produced strain in Ibaraki Prefecture, the Hitachi Nishiki.

A sake made from rice polished up to 8% !

来福 純米大吟醸 超精米8% 来福酒造(茨城県)
72cl - Alc. 16% Vol.

About the brewery : Established over 3 centuries ago in Ibaraki prefecture to the north of Tokyo, the Raïfuku brewery benefits from a magnificent environment and very pure water from the Tsukuba mountain. Its speciality is developing and using yeasts from flowers, known as 'Hanakobo' (hana for flower and kobo for yeast). Using different flowers, the brewery produces a wide range of yeasts to create sakes with unique flavour characteristics.

Detailed tasting notes : The Raifuku Shuzo brewery uses everything that has made its reputation for this sake. Yeasts isolated from flowers, hana kobo (here from abelia flowers), water from Mount Tsukuba, and above all its technical expertise. The polishing rate of 8% is incredible - it takes a tonne to produce 20kg. The result is a sake that is rich, expressive, fruity and floral, but also remarkably delicate and pure. In its box, it will be accompanied by a small pouch containing this famous 8% polished rice !

Raïfuku Shuzo (Ibaraki)
J2-05 (450)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Daïginjo
Alc. 16% Vol.
72cl bottle
Raïfuku Shuzo
Pref. of Ibaraki
Rice type
Hitachi Nishiki
Rice milling
8% !
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
Aromatic profile
Expressive, fruity

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr

Raifuku Choseimai

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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