X3 Amairo 3 ans
X3 Amairo 3 ans

X3 Amairo 3 ans

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A sake made with three times the amount of Koji than the usual sake, plus 3 years of ageing to develop its magnificent complexity.

Supple, smooth and balanced

X3 亜麻色 純米原酒 3年熟成古酒 金門秋田酒造(秋田県)
72cl - alc. 13% vol.

About the brewery : The Akita Kinmon brewery is located in Daisen, in the centre of Akita prefecture. Bordered by the Ou and Dewa mountains, this is an important cereal-growing region thanks to the water provided by the Omono and Yokote rivers. The brewery was founded in 1939 and distributed its sakes very locally until 1989, when Takashi Sasaki took over to develop a completely new approach. At the time, he was blending koshu sakes with freshly produced junmai sakes. It was under the guidance of Toji Sugawara that they reached their culmination, with sakes that transcend stereotypes, with umami as their mainstay.

Detailed tasting notes : Beautiful golden highlights for this 3-year-old Junmaï Genshu sake. The nose immediately takes on oxidative notes, with tertiary aromas of dried fruit, grape and apricot. There are also clear fermentative notes of soy sauce, caramel and woody notes, all set off by a lovely liveliness and tangy sensations of citrus zest. On the palate, the aromas are powerful. It is supple and smooth, superbly balanced throughout by a sustained acidity. The ripe fruit hinted at on the nose and the lively citrus notes are present. There's little bitterness and good aromatic persistence, with the same balance.

Delicious with : Meat, glazed duck, game. With cheeses such as aged mimolette or parmesan, or with bitter chocolate or coffee desserts. Serve warm, at room temperature or chilled.

Kinmon Akita Shuzo (Akita)
E4-04 (817)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Koshu
Alc. 15% Vol.
72cl bottle
Kinmon Akita Shuzo
Pref. of Akita
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
Aromatic profile
Rich, powerful

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
X3 Amairo 3 years 72cl Japanese sake bottle

X3 Amairo 3 ans

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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