Chingu Kuro
Chingu Kuro

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Un shochu à la saveur riche, savoureuse, qui exprime à merveille la profondeur de l’orge et la puissance du Koji noir, tout en restant souple et délicat.

Puissant et riche

ちんぐ 黒麹仕込み 重家酒造(長崎県)
72cl - alc. 25% vol.

About the distillery : Located on the island of Iki, north of Nagasaki Prefecture, in the Genkai Sea, between Japan and Korea, the Omoya Shuzo brewery was founded in 1924 by Kakuzo Yokoyama. Since 2018, it has had a production unit equipped with the best equipment on which a long tradition and valuable know-how are based. It is said that the barley shochu originated on the island of Iki. It offers an amazing combination of hand-made shochu, using traditional techniques, and shochu produced using advanced techniques, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Detailled tasting notes : This version of the Chingu shochu series is made from a blend of one third Nikomaru rice produced in Iki and two thirds of a mixture of two types of barley: a "two-row" barley from Iki Island and a "six-row" barley from Nagasaki. Black Koji is used this time, before normal pressure distillation. Chingu Kuro is then matured for several months in enamelled stainless steel tanks. On tasting, we discover a shochu with a rich, savoury flavour that wonderfully expresses the depth of the barley.

Tasting advice : To be eaten as is or even better, as oyuwari, with hot water.

Omoya Shuzo (Nagasaki)
M2-02 (729)

Data sheet

Product Type
Mugi (barley)
Alc. 25% Vol.
72cl bottle
Omoya Shuzo
Pref. de Nagasaki
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
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