Shichiken Junmaï 30cl
Shichiken Junmaï 30cl

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The Yamanashi Meijo brewery is in Yamanashi at the foot of the Japanese Alpes, a region very famous for its spring water. They are making extraordinary sakes with a unique technique of fermentation, long and at a lower temperature than usual.

Very fruity, sharp and fresh with notes of citrus

七賢 純米 山梨銘醸(山梨県)
30cl - acl. 16% vol.

About the brewery : Yamanashi Meijo brewery is located at the foot of the Japanese Alps, north of Yamanashi Prefecture, on the island of Honshu. It was founded in 1750 by the descendants of a long line of brewers who were originally established in the Nagano region. Kitahara, then the seventh generation of this family, discovered water of exceptional quality in the heart of the Hakushu community. He decided to settle on the spot to found his own brewery. This pure water comes from the melting snow of Mount Kai Komagatake, whose summit culminates at over 2900m altitude. It feeds the region’s springs after being slowly filtered through granitic rock, loading up on minerals essential for sake production.
The recognition was quick and the good reputation of Yamanashi Meijo exceeded the limits of the locality to the point of becoming a visiting place for the Emperor Meiji who stayed there during his official visits. Since that time, the majestic family home has been elevated to the status of a historic landmark in Japan. Today, the making of sake is always a family affair and the 13th generation takes care of the details, practicing in particular long fermentations, at low temperature, in order to preserve the signature sake of Yamanashi Meijo: sake that is both delicate and rich, in which the remarkable quality of spring water is intact.

Detailed tasting notes : A clear, clear sake with slight silver gold reflections. The nose is lively and fruity, evoking citrus, green banana, almond, but also cereals. A relatively powerful nose for a Junmai sake. In the mouth, it is marked by the imprint of the sake of the house Yamanashi Meijo: the quality of the water. Fluid, thirst-quenching, we find the notes of fruits, citrus, which evolve on lactic sensations, then cereal. Good acidity and tension. The finish is clean, spicy, lemony, punctuated by a delicate and pleasant bitterness.

Recommended pairings : From simple dishes to the most complex dishes, its refreshing character manifests itself without interfering with flavours. To be enjoyed at different temperatures, from cool to heated.

Yamanashi Meijo (Yamanashi)
A2-05 (72)

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Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Alc. 16% Vol.
30cl bottle
Yamanashi Meijo
Pref. of Yamanashi
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
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Shichiken Junmai Japanese sake bottle 30cl

Shichiken Junmaï 30cl Reviews with
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