Beninanko Umeshu
Beninanko Umeshu

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An umeshu is made from "Beni Nanko" plums, a variety representative of Wakayama prefecture, recognisable by its red colour which covers more than a third of its surface. Beni Nanko umeshu is rich and flavoursome, perfectly expressing the aromas, acidity and sweetness of these particular plums.

紅南高梅酒 中野BC(和歌山県)
72cl - alc. 20.5% vol.

About the distillery: Nakano BC is located south of Osaka, in the heart of Wakayama Prefecture. It began by brewing soybeans, but today its scope of activity is much broader, extending from brewing sake to producing various alcoholic beverages such as Umeshu and shochu. It also produces plum fruit juice, a speciality of the prefecture. It is known for welcoming many visitors throughout the year to admire its magnificent garden. Their sake is carefully hand-crafted by highly-skilled toji and kurabito, using spring water from the Fujishiro mountain range. For Beninanko umeshu, the plums are picked in the morning in Minabe-cho, in Wakayama prefecture, and macerated the same day. The plums are carefully selected one by one, and the quantity macerated is 1.5 times greater than that of a classic umeshu.

I3-06 (826)

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Product Type
Alc. 20.5% Vol.
72cl bottle
Nakano BC
Pref. of Wakayama
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