Shiratama Umeshu
Shiratama Umeshu

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Shiratama umeshu is produced on a shochu basis in which a touch of whiskey has been added. The nose is greedy, on quetsche, honey and almond. The palate is round and fruity, plum of course, but also notes of candied apple and black cherry.

Pleasant, greedy, balanced

50cl - alc. 14% vol.

Detailed tasting notes : On the nose, this liqueur exudes a gourmet fragrance with aromas of quetsche, honey and almond. The combination of these smells creates a pleasant and appetizing sensation from the first touch. In the mouth, the wine is round and fruity. Plum and candied apple flavours are clearly distinguishable, which bring a pleasant sweetness to each sip. The texture is velvety and silky, enveloping the palate with delicacy. The finish is sweet and persistent, leaving in the mouth a delicious black cherry impression. The flavours remain present for a while, prolonging the pleasure of tasting.

Tasting tips : Its roundness and sweetness make it a perfect liqueur to taste at the end of meals or as an accompaniment to desserts.

I1-02 (725)

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Product Type
Alc. 14% Vol.
50cl bottle
Pref. of Hyogo
Tasting temp.
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bottle of Japanese plum liqueur Shiratama Umeshu 50cl

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