Togouchi 9 years
Togouchi 9 years

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Produced from a blend of malt and grain whiskies, it contains nearly 40% malted barley and is aged a minimum of 9 years in oak barrels. The nose is intense, with sweet spices and yellow fruits. The palate is fresh and dry, with spices and citrus fruits. The finish is lively, with spices, citrus fruits, peat and smoky notes.

A whisky marked by spice and citrus flavors

戸河内9年 サクラオブルワリーアンドディスティラリー(広島県)
70cl - alc. 40% vol.

About the Distillery : Founded in 1918, Chugoku Jozo brewery is located in Hiroshima area. Producer of liqueurs, sake and shochu, they started in 1990 the production of whisky by creating the "Togouchi" range. Their range is marked by great finesse and precision with aging in a single location, a 361 meter long tunnel dug in 1970. Ideal maturing conditions with a constant temperature of 14°C and a humidity of 80%, allowing slow extraction of aromas.

Detailed tasting notes : This sake presents a rich, balanced sensory experience. On the nose, a remarkable intensity emerges, marked by notes of sweet spices and yellow fruit. On the palate, freshness and dryness predominate, accompanied by a complex palette of spices and citrus. The finish is lively and persistent, revealing flavors of spice, citrus, peat and smoke, offering a memorable conclusion to this captivating tasting.

Sakurao Distillery (Hiroshima)
K3-05 (678)

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Product Type
Japanese whisky
Alc. 40% Vol.
70cl bottle
Chugoku Shuzo
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Bottle of Japanese whisky Togouchi 9 years 70cl

Togouchi 9 years Reviews with
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