Awamori Zanpa Premium
Awamori Zanpa Premium

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Zanpa Premium is a beautifully balanced awamori, a blend of 60% awamori distilled by normal pressure still and then aged for five years in earthen jars, bringing depth and complexity to the aromas, and 40% young awamori distilled by decompression, for freshness.

A beautifully balanced blend

残波プレミアム 比嘉酒造(沖縄県)
72cl - alc. 30% vol.

About the Distillery : The Higa Shuzo distillery was born at the end of the Second World War, after the terrible ordeal of the Great Pacific War. Okinawa was literally burned to the ground. The inhabitants of the prefecture, who had survived the violent fighting, lacked everything and alcohol was a luxury product difficult to obtain. Tacorakichi Higa, the founder quit his job as a teacher and devoted himself to the production of awamori with the philosophy of "producing safe and reliable awamori", at a time when the inhabitants of the islands consumed drinks dangerous for health. In 1948, he obtained his brewing license from the American civil government and marketed his first awamori, Marutaka, named after his hometown. Many years later, in 1980, the main brand "Zanpa" was born. The Zanpa series is enjoyed not only by the local population of Okinawa, but also throughout Japan.

Higashuzo (Okinawa)
N1-05 (750)

Data sheet

Product Type
Alc. 30% Vol.
72cl bottle
Pref. of Okinawa
Tasting temp.
Cold to room temp.
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Zanpa Premium Okinawa Awamori 72cl bottle

Awamori Zanpa Premium Reviews with
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