Kikusui Junmaï Ginjo 30cl
Kikusui Junmaï Ginjo 30cl

Kikusui Junmaï Ginjo 30cl Reviews with
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Made with a very special brewing technique at with fermentation at a low temperature and much longer than usual. When tasting it we find a sake with light traits.

Light and yet at the same time rich and tasty

菊水 純米吟醸 菊水酒造(新潟県)
30cl - alc. 15.5% vol.

About the brewery : Founded in 1881, which makes it a relatively young brewery, Kikusui is still run by the same family under the current president of the 5th generation. Over the years, Kikusui has endured many hardships, the low availability of rice for brewing, labour shortages and declining sales, during the difficult post-war years. But the greatest challenges remain etched in memory, the Niigata earthquake in 1964, then the Kaetsu floods in 1966 and 1967 where, for two consecutive years, the brewery was destroyed and swept away. Despite the adversity, Kikusui is always committed to producing the best quality sake and as drink preferences change over time, Kikusui constantly develops new products. From humble beginnings, Kikusui is now a major player in sake production, but it has remained true to its original vision, creating sake that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Kikusui (Niigata)
D2-05 (84)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Ginjo
Alc. 15.5% Vol.
30cl bottle
Pref. of Niigata
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Aromatic profile
Refreshing, floral Reviews with
Japanese sake bottle Kikusui Junmai ginjo 30cl

Kikusui Junmaï Ginjo 30cl Reviews with
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