What's a Maekake ?

The Maekake is this apron, traditionally made of indigo and thick cotton, that you have probably already seen in Japan (for the lucky ones) or in an izakaya restaurant but also in a food store. This harmless accessory still carries 500 years of history. Its appearance dates back to the Muromachi period (14-16th century), when it was found in rice, soy sauce or sake shops. It was then called "homaekake" - "ho" for canvas, "mahe" for front and "kake" for hanging. It circulated exclusively in the world of the merchants of which it became the emblem. Originally longer, it was often worn on a shoulder from the hips to protect the upper body when transporting barrels or the famous "taru". It was later shortened with the appearance of packaging in glass bottles. The wooden or plastic crates in which these are placed are carried at arm's length and no longer on the shoulders.

Maekake tablier pour le saké japonais

The maekake not only protects clothing from dirt, but also protects the back with its strong strap worn tight at the hips. It blocks the lumbar vertebrae acting as a strength belt. It is "kohaku" color, red (or almost orange) and white, a composition that brings luck in business.

But it is also and especially a promotional element. The maekake wears the emblem of the brewery which offers them to its best customers, sakaya or restaurants.

Last detail, the end of the fabric is not finished by a seam, the bangs are free. This tradition to intervene as little as possible on the fabric corresponds to a form of respect which goes back to the time when cotton was rare compared to hemp fabrics.


1. Amabuki Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo of Amabuki Shuzo
2. Yano Shuzo's Kuragokoro Tokubetsu Junmai
3. Azumacho Junmai Ginjo of Setou Shuzo
+ FREE: a blue cotton Maekake in the image of one of the three breweries.

composition sakés japonais de saga et maekake

About sake
1. Amabuki Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo 72cl: produced according to the Kimoto method from Omachi rice and a yeast extracted from the rhododendron flower, the nose is fruity, original, on apple and pineapple. Fruity notes that are naturally found in the mouth. They express themselves on slightly lactic and spicy tones of nutmeg and mint, the whole supported by a good acidity and a rather discreet sweetness, typical of omachi rice.
2. Kuragokoro Tokubetsu Junmaï 72cl: with a rice polishing rate of 60%, this Tokubetsu junmaï is elegant, close to the aroma of a Ginjo. On the palate, the umami is however rich and generously diffused with floral and fruity flavors. The finish is clean and lively. Beautifully perfumed, it leaves a beautiful sensation of freshness.
3. Azumacho Junmaï Ginjo 72cl : A rather new vintage which exists only since May 2018. It is however already rewarded on several occasions. The work on this Junmai Ginjo combines the use of Yamadanishiki rice and yeast n°9 ( from Saga). The result is fruity and crunchy! Superb aromas on a rich umami.

Composition 3 sake 72cl + maekake: 120€.
Offer limited to 30 copies.

1. Manrei Nozomi Junmai Ginjo (new)
2. Nomirinko Mirin
> Offered: a modern, black synthetic Maekake from the Komatsu Shuzo brewery.

Composition sakés japonais de saga et maekake

About sake
1. Manrei Nozomi: it presents a fresh and fruity nose, with white peach, melon, with slight notes of citrus zests. Well-structured in the mouth, it is sweet yet juicy and fresh. On notes of candy, cotton candy, softness that is not heavy and the sensations are very clear. The finish is spicy, mineral and pure.
2. Nomirinko: a return to the origins of mirin, namely a drink to be enjoyed as is and not a simple condiment. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, aged 4 years at room temperature, a real delight! Remarkable complexity. Oxidative notes are beautiful and present from the start. Woody, fruity, with prune and ripe red fruits, candied apple, orange, caramel, almond. The mouth is very unctuous, the sweetness is of course natural, no sugar is added. It comes from the sticky rice used and the koji. We find fruits with a predominance of caramel notes. It then opens on cereal and spicy notes. We keep the spices, on a nice length.

Composition 2 sake 72cl + maekake: 84€.
Offer limited to 10 ex