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An Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo
An Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo

An Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo

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In the An range, Junmai Ginjo features elegant fruitiness and rich umami, typically associated with Omachi rice. It's also a Genshu, i.e. not diluted with water after fermentation, in other words a Ginjo with lots of character.

With umami and impact

72cl - alc. 17% vol.

About the brewery : The Kumaya Shuzo brewery was founded by the Ihoriya family during the Edo period, two and a half centuries ago. Originally from Kumano, on the Kishu Peninsula, they settled in present-day Kurashiki first to help build the temple annex to the Kumano Grand Shrine. This put the brewery on one of Japan's best-known pilgrimage routes, on the way to Kagawa on the island of Shikoku. Under the impetus of current manager Haruo Ihoriya, the brewery has returned to the local terroir, using "Bizen Omachi" rice, Bizen being the ancient name of this province to the south-east of Okayama. Sakes made from Omachi rice have a rich, flavorful style that requires a certain maturation time. In this case, one to two years before bottling. More recently, the city of Kurashiki has established a worldwide reputation for the production of high-quality denim. Kumaya Shuzo has chosen to highlight this particularity with the design of the An range labels, which feature different styles of fabric made in the region.

Detailed tasting notes : This Junmai Ginjo is made from Omachi rice from the Okayama region. A rice that produces elegant, complex sakes, but which is difficult to grow because the height of the plants at maturity makes it particularly susceptible to typhoon damage. The Okayama region is fortunate to be protected from the elements by the surrounding mountain range. It produces 90% of the Omachi rice grown in Japan. This gives local sakes their distinctive character! The nose is lively and fresh, with sweet, fruity notes of melon and banana. Light and delicate on the palate, we find the quality and freshness of spring water, with a round sweetness and a beautiful acidity that brings tension. Plenty of volume and umami that gradually reveals itself through to the finish.

Serving suggestions : Enjoy chilled, preferably with simple, but strongly-flavored dishes, such as salmon carpaccio.

Kumaya Shuzo (Okayama)
E5-02 (890)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Ginjo Genshu
Alc. 17% Vol.
72cl bottle
Kumaya Shuzo
Préf. de Okayama
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Japanese sake bottle An Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo 72cl

An Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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