Kubota Hekiju
Kubota Hekiju

Kubota Hekiju

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A souple sake with aromas of vanilla, honeysuckle. Floral and fruity (pears, melon). Slightly sweet, with rice aromas, the end is a spicy one. Clear and subtle flavours which has a very slight sensation of alcohol that is well combined.

Smooth and floral

久保田碧寿 朝日酒造(新潟県)
72cl - alc. 16% vol.

About the brewery : Asahi Shuzo was founded in 1830 in an ideal place for sake production, Niigata, the region with the second largest number of breweries in Japan. The natural environment is rich and varied, an area surrounded by the Sea of Japan to the west the mountains to the east. The Shinano River flows throughout the city, made famous for its fireworks festival. The Asahi brewery has a production unit in the Koshiji region located in the southwest part of the river. The Kubota series is certainly one of the most famous in Japan. It is made from Gohyakumangoko rice grown by the brewery itself through its agricultural society to make the most of the region’s climate.

Detailed tasting notes : On the nose, Kubota Hekijyu Junmai Daiginjo offers subtle, delicate aromas of fruit, flowers and sweet rice, with a light touch of umami. On the palate, this sake is rich, smooth and creamy, with complex flavors of ripe white fruit, nuts, honey and sweet rice, as well as a light acidity that gives it freshness. It has a silky texture and a long, smooth finish, with lingering fruit notes.

Tasting tips : The ferments are present with Kubota Hekiju and it is a bit emblematic of the classic Niigata sake of which he is one of the proudest representatives. An icon in the closed circle of the Daiginjos that blends perfectly with classic Japanese cuisine.

Asahi Shuzo Niigata (Niigata)
H4-01 (61)

Data sheet

Product Type
Sake Nihonshu
Junmaï Daïginjo
Alc. 16% Vol.
72cl bottle
Asahi Shuzo Niigata
Pref. of Niigata
Rice type
Rice milling
Tasting temp.
Aromatic profile
Rich, powerful

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
Japanese sake bottle Kubota Hekiju Junmai Daiginjo 72cl

Kubota Hekiju

midorinoshima.com/fr Reviews with ekomi.fr
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