Santa Maria Premium (T11)
Santa Maria Premium (T11)

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An extremely rare bottle of Japanese rum.

The Premium version of Iejima rums, dating from 2012

50cl - alc. 60% vol.

About the distillery : Iejima Distillery is a young factory since it only exists since 2011. It is located on the island of Iejima, west of the main island of Okinawa. Historically, it is a relatively poor place in Japan because the lack of water in these semi-tropical regions has never allowed the cultivation of rice. In contrast, sugar cane has been grown locally since 1630. It is from this local cane that a former Awamori distiller produces Santa Maria rum. The factory policy is very clear: to intervene as little as possible on the steps before distillation (no refrigeration of fermentation tanks for example). The idea being that by working as naturally as possible, the soul of the island of Iejima will be transmitted to rum and will allow it to travel outside the limits of the island.

Iejima Distillery (Okinawa)
L1-05 (390)

Data sheet

Product Type
Japanese rum
Sugar cane juice base
Alc. 60% Vol.
50cl bottle
Iejima Distillery
Pref. of Okinawa
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Bottle of Santa Maria Premium Japanese Rum (T11) 50cl

Santa Maria Premium (T11) Reviews with
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